Garage Door Spring Repair
Garage Door Spring Repair

Affordable Garage Door Spring Repair & Cable Replacement.

Springs & cables are both essential parts of garage door systems. They help the door move up and go down at normal speed. As a result, they become tensed. Due to their tension, their services can entail dangers. When you want garage door spring repair or cable service in Stevenson Ranch CA, call our company. All technicians in our local repair team are trained, well-equipped and qualified to fix, replace and install these systems. We offer emergency garage door spring and cable repair service 24/7 and use special garage door repair tools in order to do the job effectively.

We Fix Garage Door Springs & Cables.Garage-Door-Spring-Repair-Made-In-USA

Need torsion spring replacement? Want emergency garage door cable repair? When you work with our company, we quickly cover all your needs. With our vans equipped with tools and spares to make adjustments, repair work and replacements, we will repair your springs and cables right away. Trust Garage Door Repair Stevenson Ranch CA, for both your spring and cable needs.

The Garage Door Spring System is Complex.

The job of garage door springs is not simple. They must counterbalance the door by stretching or creating torque to other parts. A 400-pound door will open straight only if the springs have equal power and distribute it against the door's weight. This way, they manage to lift the door, keep it open at any desired height, and bring it down. But springs don't last for a long time. How many times you open the door, determines its lifetime. So if you get a ten-thousand-cycle torsion spring and open the door five times each day, you will keep the spring for about five or six years. With our garage door spring repair service, we make sure the torsion or extension springs are well maintained.

24 Hour Springs Replacement Service.

If you need garage door spring replacement, we can help you in timely fashion. Is your spring broken? We offer 24 hour emergency spring repair. Our certified experts will replace both types of springs whether commercial or residential applications. To keep the springs going for years and never deal with serious issues, allow us to lubricate and adjust them. Overtime, spring tension is gone. With our adjustment service, we add enough tension to keep them strong, flexible and able to balance the door.

Count On Our Quick Garage Door Cable Repair.

Garage door springs & cables go hand in hand. They are connected and both tensed. If the cable comes off the drum, the door might jam. When you come across with such urgent cable problems, don't hesitate to call us. In addition, we provide emergency garage door cable repair. Whether we have to fix the cable off drum or tense it to the bottom bracket, the job will be done right and fast.

Broken Cable? Call Us 24/7.

Did your cable just snap? Contact us. We perform cable replacement service as soon as possible. For the replacement of both springs & cables, we use the right size parts to install to your door. Licensed to install both parts, our technicians can fit torsion and extension springs and cables with either an open or close loop. These brands include Clopay, Wayne Dalton or any other brand. Want greater spring protection? Let us install safety cables to make extension springs safer.

Everything is vital when it comes to springs & cables. From the right choice of the new parts and their proper installation to their quick replacement and 24 hour garage door spring repair and cable adjustment services, every detail counts. Don't take risks with such tense systems! So, call our expert team in Stevenson Ranch CA 24/7.